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I'm Sara Brandenburg, the artist behind Wild Studio. I created Wild Studio as a way of combining all of my various works into a visual portfolio of sorts. I'm a Colorado Native raised in the Rocky Mountains, and I fell in love with art at a very young age.  I have no classical art training aside from basic school art classes:  My degree is actually in Wildlife Biology. However, art has been a part of my life since I was a child, and I've always been drawn to the artistic process as a way of expression, communication, and relaxation. Although art isn’t my career, it’s a part of my personality and  an expression of my own personal reality.


My inspiration is drawn largely from my love of the natural world, exploration, and adventure– I strive to achieve the feeling of wonder and deep connection that I have experienced throughout my life. This largely lends itself to images and sculptures of landscapes and animals; However, I'm also inspired by people, society, and the conflicts and struggles of the world. 


The "Studio" in Wild Studio

My biology career keeps me on the road for various seasonal field work jobs in many beautiful and often remote locations. Despite this, I’ve always kept art as a part of my life, so my “studio” is a suitcase of art supplies that I take with me wherever I go. I also carry a basic watercolor setup with me on many of my hikes and backpacking trips, so my studio is often simply a nice spot with a view!

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